Science Sunday: Meet Fregg

Let me introduce you to...

Seemingly an average, middle-aged
hard boiled egg...
...Fregg's younger days had left him with
a few cracks in his shell.

So, sadly, Fregg decided to end it all...
...with a slow death
in a Vinegar Bath.
Oh-so-sad for Fregg...

BUT it was some interesting Science for my
Monday Fun Magic Science Class!


Side note:
When I introduced this experiment to my class,
I did not make Fregg suicidal.
In fact, Fregg was "born" in the class,
when one of the kiddos said he needed a face.

Hence the reason for the go-tee and earring-
all my class' idea... ;0)


Here is Fregg...
...after an evening in his Vinegar bath.

If you noticed from earlier pictures,
the moment Fregg was submerged into the Vinegar,
bubbles began to form on his shell.

This is due to a chemical reacion.

After being in the vinegar for a few hours,
the shell "sloughs off" of the egg.

The shell (which is made out of calcium carbonate)
dissolved in the vinegar (which is an acetic acid)
to form a solution of
calcium carbonate and acetic acid.

You can download the Science Journal page we used
for this experiment by clicking HERE.


For more fun with Science,
please head on over to
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  1. We're actually going to be doing a similar experiment in a while.

  2. Great photos. I love the one with all the bubbles! Nice experiment.

  3. Aw, poor Fregg! What a cool experiment though LOL