Bible Alive! Tuesday: Salty Salt, Part Two

A couple of weeks ago,
my Bible Alive! post featured a discussion
the kiddos and I had about
"being salt"...

Guess what?

This past week's Sunday School lesson
for my K/1st grade class was about
the Matthew 5:13-16 passage about
Being Salt and Light.

As a reminder of the lesson,
I had the kiddos make...
...Salt and Paint pictures.

Basically, the kiddos used tempera paints
to create a picture
and then sprinkle salt all over the wet paint.


So, without further adieu,
here is our
"Salt and Light"
art gallery...


I would love to know what y'all have done this week
to make the Bible come Alive!

Please link up below...


  1. I love their salt pictures, they look so cool.

  2. I have been seeing this salt painting around the blogosphere lately. It looks like so much fun, it is on my looong to do list!