Be My Valentine Card Exchange: Making Monsters

Today, a mob of monsters... this one,
are on there way to various families
across the United States of America.

They just can't wait to greet the kiddos on our list
for the "Be My Valentine" card exchange...


So, how did we make these crazy creations?
We used the following supplies:

Hair gel
Snack baggies
Foam hearts
Construction Paper hearts
Cardstock rectangles
Double-stick tape
Duct tape
Googly eyes

First, the kiddos and I put the "bellies" of the monsters

I squirted some of the hair gel into a snack baggie...
...and let the kiddos put some small foam hearts
into the gel.
Next, we squeezed as much of the air out of the baggie
and sealed it shut.
Finally, we put that baggie into another baggie,
to make sure that the gel was sealed tightly shut.
As I began to take the "tummies" and make them into
monster bodies...
...the kiddos got to work...
...the monster faces.
To complete the monster bodies,
I duct taped the "tummies"
onto the cardstock rectangles.
Then I trimmed the excess tape to created
a more curvy shaped monster body.
We completed the monsters by using double-stick
tape and glue to attach the head,
arms, hands, and feet to the body.
Here are all of the little monsters,
ready to go on their journey...

Oh, and what did the Valentine's say
to their recipients?

You give this monster
butterflies in my tummy!"


  1. So Cute!!

    I should have been more organized with our Valentine's but alas, I let the kids have a bunch of scraps and create away.

    Very nicely done :)

  2. Wow!! What a super creative idea!! FUN!! Kerri

  3. That looks like an idea I was playing with how to do it. I love them!