TOS Review: The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictonary for Kids (Lifeway Christian Stores)

When I received...
...The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
in the mail,
I let out a little squeal.

(Yes- I really did...)

I am passionate about teaching the Bible
to my children and other kiddos,
so I know this dictionary will prove to be
a valuable resource.


This beautifully illustrated book contains all of the following
tools to assist children as they try to understand the Bible:

Reconstructions of cities, temples, maps, etc.
Illustrated charts of biblical foods, animals,
instruments, etc.
Entries with the King James Version words
Pronunciation guide
Realistic Illustrations
and Definitions, of course!


I wish we had this dictionary when going through
the wilderness with Moses.

It would have shown my kiddos...
...what Manna...
...and Quail are.

Jungle Girl will find the Dictionary useful
as she continues her reading of Acts...
...with definitions of word like martyr.

Even I will find this dictionary helpful...
...when looking for a certain parable...
...or when I need to visualize the Israelites' camp.


At $14.99, this dictionary is well worth the money.
You can click HERE for a pdf sample to investigate
the book further...

Or, if you want, click HERE to look at
LifeWay's MANY, MANY other biblical resources...


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my open and honest
review. I have not been compensated in any other way.

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  1. Love all the pictures you included in your review! It sure is a nice Bible dictionary.