TOS Review: Easy Classical- Early Modern History Schedule

I will be the first person to admit that I am
NO expert on Classical Education.


Not me...

So when I received a product from...
...Easy Classical,
I was wondering if I could give the product
an accurate review.

I am happy to say that with products like...
...the Early Modern History Schedule,
I could possible see myself leading my kiddos
down the path of Classical Learning.


This particular product is a schedule
which lays out what books/activities a parent
is to use when wanting to follow a Classical curriculum.

The Time Line products include:
1. An explanation on how to use the products
2. Detailed daily lesson plans
3. Quiz questions and answers
4. Other educational "extras"
(like lessons on drawing historical items)

Pricing for this product is as follows:

Print Version $49.95

Digital Version $39.95

(I must say, this is a good price to have all the
planning completed for you...)


Now, Easy Classical has a VARIETY of different
products for a Classical Education,
so please click HERE to peruse
the site...


Disclaimer: I received this product
for my open and honest review.

I was not compensated in any other way.

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