Monday Fun meets stART...

Our Homeschool Enrichment classes
started up this past Monday
(the reason why the classes are called
Monday Fun),
and I am teaching a couple of the classes.

One of the classes is paying homage to a
favorite activity around here-

This past week I read...
Align Center
...and... my preschoolers.


Since the theme of the day was winter, I let the kiddos
paint......snowflakes I had pre-taped
for them.

(Thank you, Valerie, for the fabulous inspiration
over on Frugal Family Fun!)


I also created some explorer boxes
for them to play with after they
finished their paintings...

Each plastic shoe box contained the following:

Glittery foam snowmen
Glittery foam snowflakes
Cotton balls
Different sizes and shapes of buttons

I also included some...
...which I fashioned out of Squinkie balls and cotton.
They also used wooden boxes, bowls, tongs, and spoons
to manipulate the items in the boxes.


The kiddos seemed to have a good time...
...patterning, sorting...
...and creating!

(This is Little Wild Man's version of
Snow Soup.)

I am looking forward to teaching these
LOVELY children again...

Up next- Groundhogs!


  1. Love the boxes you used, what are they?

  2. Ticia, that was a Dollar Tree score. They were in the craft section, selling as display shelves. I was inspired by The Shafer Family to buy a few the next time they rolled around to our store:

    I also made an alphabet puzzle with them too: