Bible Alive! Tuesday: Legos and the Bible

I love the Bible.
I love Legos.

Naturally, then, the two should work well together
for many a bible story.

A couple of months ago,
we used Legos with our lesson about
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.
(Nehemiah Chapters 2-4)

This is the final wall...
...complete with guards.


Another site I recommend for Lego + Bible action is
The Brick Testament.

Several of the Bible's stories are depicted on this site
with the use of Legos.
This is a scene from Noah's Ark.

I do caution you, however, if you are thinking of using
any of these stories with children.

Some of them are, welllllllll, ummmmmm,
on the "risque" side.

(Hilarious for adults,
but a tad inappropriate for children...)


Now what have you been up to with your Bible lessons this week?

Please link up your ideas below...


  1. That's so funny. We were talking about how neat it would be to design an interactive Bible, where you could click on different bits, to see details of the story, or maps, or bios, or whatever. But, we realized pretty quickly, it would end up being rated M for mature.

  2. We use them too for Bible stories. We re-enacted the story of Jericho with them.