Bejeweled Wednesdays and wiww: New Year, New Shoes

It's a New Year,
and what's a better way to kick it off
than with a couple of pairs of new shoes?


Let's Play Chicken Foot
Until the Ball Drops

I wore this during a fun
"Last Day of 2010"
outing with the fam and then over to
Piecelove's house to ring in the new year...

Introducing pair Number One...
...of my new year's shoes!

I LOVE these boots!

They are cute and comfy-
a wonderful Christmas gift from my in-laws...


Happy Birthday to Me!

I wore this to my parents' home
to have a slice of my birthday cake
from my FAVORITE bakery-
The Village Bakery...


Introducing the second pair of New Year's shoes
(also a gift from my in-laws)....
...gray and purple tennis shoes!

They are comfortable,
and I am glad they have a splash of color in them-
fits my personality appropriately...


No, I am NOT Barney the Dinosaur

Yup, this is one purple jacket,
and I wore it to church with
purple pride...

(Hmmmmm, it would match my
gray and purple tennis shoes nicely....)


Monday and Tuesday
Heidi was Sloppy Sometimes, Too

Yup, I pretty much wore this slouchy get-up
on Monday and Tuesday,
since I have been cleaning and packing away Christmas....

BUT, to help make my slothfulness FUN...
...I put my hair up in a modernized
Heidi-type do.

(That counts for SOMETHING, doesn't it?)


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  1. I love outfit #1, it is so pretty and classy on you! The shade and shape of the cardigan are beautiful, and those boots are great!!!

  2. I really like Friday and Sunday, and I never even considered Barney. Purple looks great on you. We all have the sloppy day syndrome -- you're just willing to show it. Kudos!