Bejeweled Wednesdays and wiww: Cold Hands, Warm Heart

We have had actual, MEASURABLE amounts of snow
this week here in East Tennessee...

It is lovely.

AND it gives me a chance to bundle up
without fear of sweating...

Here are my toasty outfits from this past week...


Fleecy Fun

I wore this when
we went to visit my Dad after
his knee surgery...
I dressed up the fleece with some of my
Amber jewelery-
it's my favorite "jewel" of all time
'cause fossilized tree sap just rocks...


Sunday Morning
Bohemian Brown

I have been DYING to wear this sweater top.

However, it had to be COLD for me to wear it
and work comfortably with my
Kindergarten/1st grade Sunday School class
and not break out in a sweat...


Sunday Afternoon
Around the World

I spent Sunday evening crafting
with the K-5th grade kiddos
in an effort to teach them about other
cultures in need of Christ's love...

I thought the globe necklace and earrings were appropriate
for such an occasion....


Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Decided to head out in the snow
to take the girls to dance,
which we discovered was canceled
when we arrived...

At least it gave me a chance to wear this sweet
jacket that my mother embroidered...


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  1. YOur Sunday morning skirt, boots, and jewelry are great! I love that earth necklace too.

    Thank you so much for linking up with Jewelscapes Bejeweled WEdnesday!

  2. Okay, it's been too long since I've stopped by so Hello There! Loving your ideas over the past month. I can't wait until my little one is old enough to start using some of your lesson plans. You will definitely become a HUGE resource for us! Love your Sunday outfit by the way - there is NOTHING better than bundling up nice and warm. :)