Bible Alive! Tuesday: Gearing Up for the 90 Days Challenge...

OK, today's post is not about making the Bible
some Alive for my kiddos...

It's about making it come ALIVE for me!

I have NEVER read the Bible completely through-

I think I have read MOST of it over the years,
but NEVER in a designated amount of time...
...like the time span of 90 days!

I think by accepting MomsToolbox's challenge,
I will breathe new life into my personal,
lack-luster devotional time.

I am glad to have the accountability and plan in place...

I am getting excited!

If you are interested in the program,
check it out by clicking HERE...


So, did anybody do anything interesting with
the Bible this past week?

If ya did, please link up below...

1 comment:

  1. 90 days is pretty short - clear your calendar, and don't plan on doing ANY other reading during that time. Reading through the Bible in one big go is a great experience - it brings everything together, in a different way than daily devotions do. Good luck!