Bejeweled Wednesdays and wiww: Me in 30 Years...hopefully....

It's been SO CRAZY at our house these
past couple of weeks,
so my photo worthy outfits have been
quite few and far between....


(Two Weeks Ago...)
Even Rudolf Needs to Shop


(Two Weeks Ago...)
Be Jolly


OK, now time for honesty...
I have been in sweats SO MUCH these past couple of weeks,
I think I have forgotten how to button a pair of pants,
due to all the elastic wear....


Sunday Evening
Me in 30 Years...hopefully...

We did our His Kids program Sunday evening,
which is our church's elementary school choir.

I am the Assistant Director,
and, so often, I get roped into performing
some small part in the program.

This year, I was "Mrs. Worthington"
(Grandmother to a boy named Jackson)
in the time traveling Christmas tale
"Back to the Manger."
I don't think I will mind looking like this in 30 years,
if it's possible...

(Oh, and that is a wig, NOT a haircut...)

I must say,
the best accessory to this entire evening was...
...the 46 kiddos singing their little hearts out
for Jesus.

They were FANTASTIC!!!


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