Science Sunday: Capture a "Bear" for the Winter

OK, we are most definitely did NOT
catch a bear during this week's Science lessons.

We DID, however, catch this little guy- Isabelle Tiger Moth Caterpillar.

He will hibernate during the winter.

Then, when he awakens in the Spring,
he will make a cocoon and emerge as... Isabelle Tiger Moth.

I came across THIS link that tells how to
care for the moth during the winter,
so when we found our moth,
Jungle Girl and I got to work preparing
our fuzzy guest's "den.'
All we needed to prepare the "den" was:

Glass jar with holes poked in the lid
Small twig
We put our "bear" in his "cave" with the twig...
...and have been giving him fresh grass daily.
We are looking forward to seeing our "bear"
hibernate and transform in the Spring!


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head on over to
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  1. I think he looks much cooler as a caterpillar than a moth. The fuzzy caterpillars are always the amusing ones to me.

    Can't wait to find out if you're successful!

  2. That is neat! My kids would probably shake the poor thing to death during the winter.