Geography/History: Estaban's Crosses

Currently, we are going through...
...The Story of the U.S.A.
Book 1:
Explorers and Settlers

Franklin Escher, Jr.

We learned about an interesting Spanish explorer
named Estaban,
who was actually a black slave.
The Spanish trusted him to enough to essentially lead
an exploration expedition through the Southwest
and part of California.

During his last exhibition,
he was instructed to send back messages to
Father Marcus
(the ACTUAL leader of the exhibition)
by using different sizes of crosses.

So we decorated crosses to remember Estaban
and his contribution to the exploration of America.
I gave each one the kiddos a cross printed out
on cardstock...
...some glitter glue...
...and some buttons,
and let them decorate as they pleased!
Can you tell which one is my 4 year old's cross? :0)


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  1. That is a great project for the lesson! Love it!

  2. Are you using Sonlight and the book that goes along with Esteban? My daughter really enjoyed learning about him, and your crosses are a great enrichment to the lesson!

  3. I've never heard of him - what a neat story!

  4. Have you read Walk the World's Rim? It's a great book about Estaban and this young boy who traveled with them for a while.

  5. What a great project to go with you lesson. Thank you for linking up this week.

  6. Very interesting! The crosses turned out great. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great project to go with the lesson. I never thought of adding hands-on activitie when we went through those books.