Bible Alive! Tuesday: Doing Good Garments

Galatians 6:9 says
"Don't get tired of doing good things."

Oh, how I get tired sometimes.

I just want to do things the easy way,
and so do my kiddos.

I mean, who DOESN'T feel that way every
now and again?

So, when it came time to clean out our coat closet,
I decided to give the kiddos a focus for the task.

We were going to give the coats we didn't need anymore
to a friend whose church was having a coat give away.

Doing good.
It CAN be fun with the right focus.

We ended up with this entire stack of stuff
for the coat give away,
and we now have a clean coat closet.


Now it's YOUR turn.

Have you been up to any GOOD Bible lessons
this week?

Please link-up below if you have!


  1. Oh, I should so post on our going to the service center. Soon, I'll post that soon.

  2. I like this idea! I think there's a coat collection going on in town - and I know we could use some more closet space.

  3. GREAT idea! Our closets are due for a cleaning, and I'd love to donate some of those jackets to good homes too! We'll be joining you!!