2010 Gratitude Challenge Day Thirteen

Georgia has Six Flags,
Florida has Disney World,
Ohio has Cedar Point...
...and Tennessee has Dollywood.

Yup, the theme park named after...
...Dolly Parton.

Some may find it silly,
but, I must say,
we are VERY thankful for
Dollywood around here!


Full of family fun,
Dollywood has...
...plenty of shows to keep even...
the youngest entertained.


There are a few rides for thrill seekers...
...and rides for those family members...

...who are just looking for gentler "thrills."


There are...
...many fun sights to see...
...throughout the park.


Oh, and don't forget...

...the good eats!


We are headed to Dolly wood this evening
to look at the Christmas lights,
have a hot chocolate,
and soak in the Christmas Spirit....

So, until later...
...Bye bye!


To see more families with offerings of thanks,
head on over to the
2010 Gratitude Challenge...


  1. I've never been to Dollywood. It looks like fun. :) We may have to check it out once we get back to the east coast.

  2. We Okies have been twice, once when it was still Silver Dollar City (like in MO) and once after Dolly took over. It was great fun both times. We love Tennessee!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  3. Oh, how fun! I hope you have a great time. I love dolly, and I would probably have a ball if I ever made it to Dollywood!

  4. I am from southern IN, so I have been to Dollywood. I can remember being there one day when it wasn't crowded & we rode the same rollar coaster over & over with no line. Thanks for bringing back memories.

  5. How fun! Loved your pictures. I have always wanted to visit Dollywood.