Math Monday: Elephant Stomp!

This past week,
Little Wild Man was working on the letter E,
so we used several printables from
Confessions of a Homeschooler.

One of the printables...
...was a set of Elephant number cards.

We made these number cards into a FUN game... in which all the kiddos wanted to play.

After setting the cards out randomly throughout the room,
one of the kiddos...
...would roll the dice.
Whatever the number they rolled was the card
they would "stomp" on.

The game was great for practicing
number recognition
simple addition.

(Side note: Since the number cards only went to the
number 10,
if the kiddos rolled an 11 or 12 combination,
they got to chose which one of the two numbers
they wished to go to.)

Now, the fun, fun, FUN part of the game
is when the kiddos all rolled the same number...
...and they all had to squeeze onto
one of the cards.

Oh, how we LOVE math!


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head on over to Math Monday...


  1. I really like this activity because it's so simple and fun. And can I just say you have the happiest looking kids I've ever seen! I'm going to do this with some of the kids I'll be babysitting!

  2. Your children look like they are having a ball. This is such a neat way to reinforce number recognition. What a hoot to have to all children stand on the same card.

    Being an Aussie, I have never heard of being BOO-ed. But, I am thinking that we may just have to start this up in our street. Sav is very excited about Halloween. She remembers some of the people who came out trick-or-treating last year (something that has rarely been done where we live). This morning she said "I have been waiting for ages for Halloween. I am soooo patient".

    Your treats that your gorgeous children snuck onto your neighbours porch are delightful. Jack-o-lantern muffins look so cute and I think my children would absolutely love them.

  3. What a super cute idea!

  4. I've done that writing chalk numbers and calling them out, but I should do it with dice.

    OH! And this gives me a great excuse to get some giant dice........ You know to go with my hundreds of other dice.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun - but you've got to get that boy some pants! :)

  6. They look so happy! Happy math. I love it.

  7. We did the letter E this week too and we played this exact game! We don't have the snazzy dice like you do though! :P