Geography/History: Columbus Day- Simple Fun...

For the past couple of weeks,
we have been reading...
...Pedro's Journal
Pam Conrad.

It is a historical fiction journal of a ship's boy
who traveled with Columbus on the Santa Maria
to the Americas.

We finished up the book on Columbus Day,
and to add to the celebration,
the kiddos colored...
...this picture of Columbus...
...which served as decor for the day.

They also drew other pictures, like...
...Little Wild Man's version of the Santa Maria...
...and the crew reaching land.
(Baby Girl also drew a dragon, but I do not think those
were seen on Columbus' voyage...)

Later, for lunch...
...I whipped up a simple Columbus Day feast,
which included PB&J sandwiches
in the shape of...
...the Nina...
...the Pinta...
...and the Santa Maria.

It was a simple way to honor
such an amazingly accidental discovery!

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ideas for teaching history and geography,
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  1. Cute!

    We read that book last year. It was very interesting.

  2. Such cute projects and those little boat sandwiches are a great idea. Thank you for linking up.

  3. We love Pedro's Journal, too. I love your lunch. That is SO cute!

  4. I somehow missed all your posts this week - but I'm putting this on my must read list for next year!