Recycled Art: Jean Tool Belt

My friend (over at PieceLove) and I are
teaching two classes for our Homeschool Group
this Fall.

One of the classes is called
"Recycled Art"
in which we educate the kiddos about a different
artist or art technique,
and then create something out of recycled materials
which relates to what we learned about that day.

This past Monday was the first class,
so after constructing our lapbooks,
(which will be filled in each class
with artist/art technique information)
we helped the kiddos make something
...these sweet little Jean Tool Belts!

(I got the idea for these over HERE.)

The kiddos can use them to hold all their art supplies...

...or keep their hands warm...

...or tote around their Pet Shop Animals...
...when playing with good friends.


During my "photo shoot" with the kiddos,
Little Wild Man got his groove on
and gave me an impromptu silly fashion show...
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Check it out...


I hope to post all the projects
we complete in "Recycled Art"
as the semester rolls on...


  1. Your comment earlier made me smile. We've already had a calculator lesson. It was: "This is what's commonly referred to as a calculator. It will do your math FOR you. The buttons depress, like so, and numbers flash across the screen." There was ooohhhing and ahhhhing and hasty decisions made to take over the world.

  2. Very cute! Good project Im gonna do it with Lu!