In Love With Letters: "A" is "A"pple-tastic!

This past week,
Little Wild Man
(and sometimes Baby Girl)
worked on the letter A-
as in "A"pple!

Here's a list of some of the "A" "a"ctivities
we did,
many of which centered "a"round


After reading...
...Ten Apples Up on Top
Theo. LeSieg,
Little Wild Man and I played...
...THIS apple counting game.
(Bet ya didn't know that their are black and blue
apples, did ya?)


We used...
...THIS and THIS "A" letter
to practice patterning... colors.


I found a copy of a little reader in my old teacher resources
...the star that can be found in an apple.

(You can find another version of the story by clicking HERE.)
We had to test out this theory on one of the apples
we picked earlier from the
Apple Orchard...
Sure enough,
we found a "star"
smack dab in the center of the apple...
...and it tasted GOOD!


Besides apples,
we did do activities with other
"A" words,
such as "A"nimals.
We played THIS animal matching game...
...SEVERAL times, in fact...
...because it was... much fun!


You can also find other "A" activities that we did
by clicking on THIS link.

We are adding to our Alphabet Book
using the activities we found here.


We definitely found the letter "A" to be


  1. I'm SO loving the fact that I'm goign to be a week behind you and can borrow all your ideas! I did this "letter of the week" when my oldest was young,and had just decided to do it again with my youngest, and then you posted your "a" week! God is good :-)

  2. I love these ideas! What a great week!