wiww: Back-to-School

This week we have been
getting back into a
homeschooling routine,
so my outfits for the first couple of days
are NOT included.

Bandannas, braids, yucky shorts-
you don't need to see that-

SO, here are some "better" choices
from the week....


Feelin' Fresh and Flowery

This is another shirt from
Coldwater Creek...
I love the graphic design...

I also TOOK THE TIME to fix my hair-
I like it all straightened and braided with
that sassy dragonfly clip...

(Trust me- you will NOT see it like this often!)



This was a multiple outfit
kind of day...Elmo's World

I began the day helping at our neighborhood's
Back-to-School Breakfast,
and all the kiddos were encouraged to just
get up and come in their PJ's.

So, naturally,
I arrived in appropriate attire...

Later in the morning,
I attended Little Wild Man's
1st soccer game.

I did NOT take a pic of this outfit,
'cause when I remembered to do it,
I was a hot sweaty mess.

(Besides, it was the
same old bandanna and braids.)

After getting a good shower,
I changed into my...
Daring to Dazzle

(We were headed out to a
Birthday Bar-b-que.)
Not a good pic here,
but the tank is trimmed in metallic sequins
that really do catch the light.


I'm So Cool I Gotta Wear Shades

Yup, I wore this to church,
because immediately afterward
my family and another headed to a
local amusement park for
an afternoon of fun in the sun...

Don't be jealous of my sunglasses...
...head on over to the Dollar Tree
and buy yourself a pair!


Boy Shorts ROCK!!!

Yup, these are my husband's old shorts-
they are so comfortable!


Beach Bum

I didn't go to the beach today,
but my bracelet REMINDS me of it.

I got it while the hubby and I were on our
10 year anniversary cruise to Bermuda.

I'll leave you with this
"lovely" photo-
Baby Girl took it and INSISTED
I put it on the blog...


For more interesting clothing attire,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesday"...

(Link to be added later today)


  1. Love your hair on Friday - so cute! I like your shirts this week too. :)

  2. You are so cute! Love all your cute outfits and that cute braided hair do!! Visiting from The Pleatted Poppy!

  3. Very CUTE! I'm jealous of the Elmo slippers, but my two year old would steal them from me and I'd never see them again.

  4. Oh my goodness, is that your wedding dress in the background? Love it!

  5. Yes, it is my wedding dress- I love it too! Our bedroom decor is dedicated to our wedding...