"Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop: School Room Week

Week 2 of the
"Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop
needs you to come along with me on a
home tour...

Our "School Room" is spread throughout
the house...


When you enter our home, you will encounter...
...the "main" schooling area.

When we bought this house two years ago,
I had no idea what we were going to do with this
"Sitting Room,"
since we really don't "sit" a lot.

It has turned out to be the perfect schooling area...
One side of the room houses...
...the chalk/art board...
(which often displays our memory work) handy-dandy Cricut cutting system... old pizza pan....
(which is used as a magnet "board")
...the fabulous printer...
...and a comfy reading chair.

As you move to the other side of the room...'ll see a secretary that holds inspiration for me.
The "time spent never lost" plaque
was given to me by a Kindergarten teacher I did
part of my teaching internship with.
This tea set was my grandmother's...
...who taught for 34 years,
beginning in one-room schoolhouses.
(She is pictured above with one of her classes.)
The desk part of the secretary is my
Planning 101 station.
It has several nooks and crannies to hold
all my Post-Its, pens, and other
Next to the Secretary,
a book shelf holds all our curriculum for the year.


As you move into our kitchen... will find our pantry door hosts our
Calendar Time.

The refrigerator... command central
for all our scheduling needs.
You will also find learning activities all over the fridge...


To keep
each day somewhat organized...
...I use our coat closet.

In it, we have one of those 5 day
clothing organizers.
Each section holds the day's work-
worksheets, games, craft/science supplies, etc.


I would be remiss if I didn't mention our garage...
(I know, I know, it's -*ahem*- FULL...)
There are books...
...craft supplies... supplies and more...

I OFTEN peruse through here for
educational inspiration...


Besides our computer area,
(which is in my husband's and mine's bedroom),
I would have to say the
of our learning takes place...
...around our kitchen table.

(It's very
"King Arthur and the Nights of the Round Table,"
don't ya think?)
There are my little knights,
hard at work...


To take a look around other families'
school rooms,
head on over to the
"Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop:
School Room Week


  1. P.S. I know a couple of you beautiful bloggers left me some nice comments which are not appearing in this post. That would be because I accidentally deleted them in an effort to get rid of a Spam comment. I am so sorry!!!! I truly did not mean to do this!!!

  2. Hi, Amber! Nice to "meet" you!! :) In my Home-Ec post, there is a link to the online class I am taking. :) Let me know if it is not showing up for you...I need to come back and look around your blog some more!!

  3. thanks for the tour - have a great school year

  4. I've done that before, deleting the wrong comment I mean.

    Sigh, clean houses. Pretty spaces, can I steal your secretary's desk? I LOVE those, if I had a place to put one I would so get it. That or one of those rolltop desks. I saw one I was in love with, and then saw the price. YIKES, not at almost $1000.

  5. I have to confess...I'm a tad envious of your space! ;) I keep trying to make a space in our small abode work! I think it will always be a work in progress :)

    Happy Schooling!!!

  6. I love your secretary too. What a great space!

  7. Great space! I love how organized everything is. Here from the blog very belated hopping. Thanks for dropping by. I'm enjoying your blog.