First Soccer Game (or Orange Socks ROCK!!!)

Last Saturday was Little Wild Man's
1st Upwards Soccer Game.
(I LOVE the his orange socks!)

As you will see in the pics below,
it was a HOT and HAZY day.

But we still had fun.
The games started with a
"run in"of the teams
and introductions of the individual players...
As you can see,
Little Wild Man led the pack!

(This "parade of players" was such a neat way
to make the kiddos feel special!)
All the kiddos got play time on the field...
Sure, Little Wild Man had moments when
he let his nerves get to him...
...but he DEFINITELY got into the spirit of the game...
(See him and his buddy joking around on the field-
I am SO THANKFUL he has
the opportunity to play with some other BOYS-
He is surrounded by girls in the 'hood...)
Here he is...
...throwing in the ball like a pro!
This picture just SCREAMS beginner soccer, doesn't it?

This is the first time the kiddos are experiencing a
"penalty kick."

(I love how the little girl to the far right is chewing on her shirt-
and the two little boys to the left are

I'd say,
this was a SUCCESSFUL day!

(Especially compared to how Little Wild Man
started his soccer "career"!)


  1. How CUTE they are! This looks like a lot of fun, and I love your pictures. Great job!