stART: Llama Drama...literally...

OK, perhaps MY favorite "form" of art is

Today, while visiting a local theme park,
our entire family had the pleasure of enjoying
two SPECTACULAR children's books brought to life
through DRAMA...


The first one was
Llama Llama Mad at Mama
Anna Dewdney,
along with her other hit book...
Llama Llama Red Pajama

In this comical book,
Baby Llama learns to control his temper...
...after Mama Llama takes him to...
...the "Shop-O-Rama."

Later in the evening,
Baby Llama continues to learn
about patience...
...while he waits for his Mama
as he tries to go to sleep.
(Jungle Girl was the only one of our kiddos
who was daring enough to speak to the Llama family
after their fine performance.)


The other book that was brought to life was...
Skippyjon Jones
Judy Schachner

In the lively story,
a wildly creative Siamese cat uses his imagination
and transforms himself into
Skippito, the bandito-fighting Chihuahua.
He travels to Spain and helps a band
of bean-less pups... defeating the evil Bumble-ito.
Little Wild Man ESPECIALLY enjoyed this play,
and had no problem posing with
Skippito afterwards!


I HIGHLY recommend taking your kiddos
to Children's Theater whenever you have
the opportunity-

ESPECIALLY when it brings a book to life!


For more fun with DRAMATIC books,
head on over to stART...


  1. Too cool! We haven't had a chance to go to anything like that, yet.

  2. I've never taken my daughter to a theater yet but I wish they had one around here doing Llama Llama, my daughter would have loved that! I haven't read Skippyjon Jones to her but I've read it to other kids and they have always loved it. Looks like you had fun!

  3. That is so awesome! My kids would have been thrilled! They LOVE LOVE LOVE both of those books! :0)

  4. How FUN! Thanks for the reminder - I never think to check and see what our children's theater is up to.