The Wyngate Playgroup Proudly Present..."Lost in a Fairy Tale"

We had quite the crowd at our house last night
for the premiere performance of...

..."Lost in a Fairy Tale:
The Adventures of Claire."

Since our local public school system let out
for the summer,
our garage has been magically transformed into
a theater...
...which has more than kept my kiddos
busy, in a good way.

During their play creation and practice,
I watched them practice skills such as
patience, creativity, improvisation,
and a good old healthy dose of

This brilliantly creative girl
wrote a play
(all on her own)
for some of our neighborhood kiddos
to perform.

This was an ENTIRELY child-driven play.

(I would just credit a few of us parents as
since we let them borrow various
items for the production.)

The play, invitations, and programs
were all child created.

The scheduling of the performance was
child coordinated.

The costuming was child created
with some great imagination...
This is Baby Girl playing her role
of the "Baby Dragon."

(Please note the use of ladybug wings
to create the costume.)

The sets were child designed and created...
This is the "Zombie Forest"
where the Vampire couple lived...

(Designed using leftover Halloween decorations)
...and this is the castle back drop
where the King and Queen reside.

(Hand painted by the kiddos themselves)

Hair and make-up was also
(The girls had a bit of fun
Little Wild Man's curls...)

The basic plot of the play involved...
...the protagonist Claire
"falling" into a Fairy Tale story
she was reading one day...
...where she met a kind
King and Queen who needed her help.

They told her that in order for her
to go back home,
she would need to go through
all the chapters in the book.

Claire also took up their challenge
to rescue their daughter
and bring her back to the castle.

During her travels...
...she stumbled into the "Zombie Forest"
where she was tricked by
and ended up dueling with
an evil Vampire and his wife.
(My friend and I could not
stop giggling through the fight scene,
since it involved his sister
being stabbed to death...)
In the end,
Claire rescued the Princess and
brought her back to castle...
...and the kids in the 'hood
Happily, Ever After.


  1. What a lot of work they did! Just excellent :)

  2. Awesome! What a fun way for the kids to spend the time - and what great neighbors!

  3. Okay, that is way too cool!

  4. Sounds like they did a great job. We just love the theatre. So creative and imaginative.