Math Monday: Yarn Math

This week we were focusing on the letter "Y,"
so Confessions of a Homeschooler's Yarn Math activities
were a perfect fit for our lessons...

While Baby Girl continued to work through her
Math-U-See Primer,
I focused on sorting, graphing, ordinal numbers, and counting
with Little Wild Man...

The first math activity involved Little Wild Man
sorting some jewels by color...

He then used these jewels to fill in
a yarn graph...

Later in the week,
Little Wild Man put some yarn balls in number order...
Then he counted out pieces of string for each yarn ball...

Perhaps he'll be knitting with the yarn next...

But probably not....

For more math fun, join in the Monday Math blog hop
over on Joyful Learner...


  1. How creative! Who knew you can do so much with yarn balls? You can even use the yarn to cut different lengths and match them with the numbers too! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas and joining out blog hop!

  2. We've used yarn to measure things before, and to make yarn nests.
    I like your yarn counting.

  3. Why hadn't I thought to take it apart like that?

  4. Looks so fun! Wish I still had a little one at home! Thanks for sharing