stART: "So Many Bunnies" by Rick Walton

We have been up to our ears
in bunnies this week...

On Tuesday,
while Jungle Girl and Baby Girl
were working on their
"Math U See" lessons,
Little Wild Man and I did some bunny math.

Using leftover Easter Bunny stickers,
Little Wild Man...
...and counted bunnies.

When the girls were done,
we read..."So Many Bunnies:
A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book"
Rick Walton

The plot involves Old Mother Bunny putting all
26 of her bunnies to bed.

(Hmmm...26 bunnies...imagine my "surprise"
when each of the bunnies were named
based upon each letter of the alphabet...)

We gathered up 26 of the bunny stickers
used during bunny math...

...and as Old Mother Bunny put each of her bunnies
to bed...
...the kiddos did the same.

(They used one of the girls' Clementine Beds,
given to them by my dear side-kick
Knit Wit.
You can read how to make one for your very own
by clicking here.)

Though the bed got crowded,
the bunnies found their new digs
I do believe that little Miss Kitt Kittredge
about had a conniption fit
when she saw WHAT was sleeping in her bed...

The two parties must have
come to some kind of agreement...
...because I caught her petting
one of the bunnies later...

Whether or not you are cool
with bunnies in YOUR bed,
why not head on over to stART
and check out the creative fun others
are having with children's literature...


  1. Very cute! I'm not sure about bunnies in our beds - the kids' beds are already so full of toys, I'd hate to give them any more ideas :)

  2. Way too cute! I haven't seen that bunny book before, and LOVE the idea of using a clementine box as a doll bed. We've only used shoe boxes so far.

  3. So sweet! We're still on bunny-overdose here, but when we've recovered I'll have to check out the book. Kit is a pal of ours too, although ours has managed to hang on to her hair clip... so far.

  4. You should see my smile as I read this so so cute!

    Thank you for linking up to stART I am going to check my library for this book :0)

  5. Any interesting bunny names out of the 26?

  6. @ Brimful Curiosities-

    Great question! I would have to say these are the most interesting:

    1. Link (who slept in the sink)
    2. Ute (who slept by the fruit)

  7. Fantastic! We are going to need to look for this book in our Library :)

  8. How cute!!! : ) BTW I am now following your blog.