Reclaiming Christmas: Craft Project 4- Lens Pins

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

So sorry folks-

It was my turn, LAST Friday, to post
for the"Reclaiming Christmas" craft project...

Well, I finally got my act together...

(April is turning out to be
so much more productive than March
EVER thought about being...)

So, on with the show...

Do you have a pair of old eyeglasses lying around?

You don't?

(Probably because you donated your old pair of glasses
to the Lions Club,
like a responsible person should...)

I didn't either, but I did need a pair of reading glasses
for my upcoming role in our church's Children's Choir musical...

So, I headed to the Dollar Tree and grabbed a pair for a buck...
(Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...)

Since I don't need reading glasses yet,
I popped out the lens so I can see while I'm on stage,
singing and dancing...

(Oh yes,
I get to move and groove with 40
1st-5th graders...
It's quite comical, I assure you...)

I wanted to use the lens for SOMETHING,
when low and behold I ran across
THIS idea
The Crafty Crow...

I think this will make a swell Christmas gift for a friend!

Here comes the tutorial...finally...

Lens Pins

Gather up your supplies:

Some pretty patterned paper
(Scrapbook paper is what I used.)

Old eyeglass lenses

An adhesive like Diamond Glaze or E600
(You CAN'T use Mod me...I tried!)


Pin backs
(I some some self adhesive ones leftover from a project,
but you could just use the regular kind and a glue gun instead.)

Step 1
Take your old lenses and position them
on your paper to decide what you want on your pin.

Step 2
Cut out the sections of paper you are going to use.

Step 3
Apply some adhesive to the curved side
of the lens.

Step 4
Push the lens down on the paper.

Step 5
While waiting for the glue to dry,
pick out a fun book to read
(make sure to use your fake spectacles)
and have a cup of joe and a muffin.

Step 6
Cut off the extra paper
around the lens.

Step 7Put on the pin back.

Step 8
You are ready to give a pal
a fun and fashionable gift!

will be posting a tutorial for the next
Christmas gift idea...

I bet,
she'll be on time...


  1. What a neat idea!!! You could easily embellish these too...glue rhinestones or sequins on, even buttons you have around the house. And then also you could use glitter glue or paint pens to monogram or write someone's name on it as a personal touch!

  2. Oh Ann, you are taking the idea and ROLLING with it! I would LOVE to see yours, if you make one!