Kids in the Kitchen: Scambled Eggs

OK, I know this is a recipe that
is not original,
and it really doesn't need much of an explanation,
but it IS something all kiddos need to learn to do,
so I thought I'd post it...

Little Wild Man was my assistant,
since his sisters were working on a project of their own...
(That's code for their little brother was driving them
bananas, so I let him help me
with breakfast so we could ALL get a break from
the bickering!)

First, crack open a mess of eggs...
(Little Wild Man is doing so much better with this-
he did not get ONE BIT of shell in the bowl this time...
sure, he dropped half an egg on the floor,
but he IS showing progress...)
Whisk the eggs together, along with a bit of water,
salt, and pepper...
After melting a bit of bacon grease into your frying pan,
(oh, my Grannie always makes Scrambled Eggs this way
and they are SO YUMMY!)
pour the egg mixture into the pan and start stirring
with your spatula until it's all cooked.

The critics gave the
"Scrambled Eggs"
pretty good reviews...
Jungle Girl ate them,
but said they would have been better
with a bit more salt...
...but Baby Girl gave them
two thumbs up...
...and so did our chef,
Little Wild Man!

For more ways to keep the little ones busy
in the kitchen,
head on over to
Kids in the Kitchen!


  1. Way to go Little Wild Man! Learning to crack an egg is one of the great milestones of life :)

  2. look like they had a great time helping

  3. wild man looks too cute! Thanks for joining in! I love the "simple" recipes!

  4. I agree, children should learn this recipe. Audrey and I just posted our version that we made today. So glad other moms are doing this. Audrey loves to crack eggs and is getting pretty good at it. She still gets shells in but most of the egg gets in the bowl now.