Happy Birthday Jungle Girl!!!

This is cutting it close,
but I just HAD to wish my eldest
Happy Birthday
her actual birthday was over...

Eight years ago today,
Jungle Girl came into our lives...

Happy Birthday, Jungle Girl!
(She is pictured here with the gift
her Marmee and Grandalf
gave her today-
the American Girl Doll, Felicity,
whom she has become fascinated with this year.)

Due to our CRAZY schedule,
she will not be having her
big "friend" birthday party until
the end of May,
so we will be doing bits a pieces of birthday fun
until then...

I LOVE you Jungle Girl...

(Oh, and could you PLEASE stop growing?)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! They don't listen when I ask them to stop growing, have you tried a brick on her head?

  2. I have told her I was going to start doing that, but then I have decided to let her grow up and get married...then she can just give me grandchildren to play with...

  3. Awww! My Sunshine girl turns 8 tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Jungle girl!