Amish Beanie Bunnies

Are you sick of all our bunnies yet? :0)

After reading some more bunny books today...
..."It's Not Easy Being a Bunny"
by Marilyn Sadler
"The Tale of Benjamin Bunny"
by Beatrix Potter...

...we just HAD to get crafty!

We made Beanie Bunnies,
idea via Family Fun.

We made our bunnies a bit more "Amish"
than the Family Fun kind,
since I knew my kiddos would throw the
bunnies around,
so the simpler, the better!

The supplies we used to make the bunnies

Old children-sized socks
Rubber bands

First, we filled the socks
with lentils
(by using the funnel)
to about the heel level.
Then we wrapped a rubber band
tightly around the opening.
We then used a piece of ribbon
to tie off a section of the lentil-filled sock
to create a head.
Using the scissors,
we cut down the middle of the leftover sock
and rounded the halves to
look like bunny ears.
For the girls' bunnies,
I also added a bit of ribbon at the rubber band
to create a bow.
The kiddos have been having a
"hoppin' " good time
with their new beanie pals...
Jungle Girl even created a
"basket house"
for hers out of a tissue box...

My kiddos are so creative!