Wish My Kids Were in a Garage Band, But I'll Settle for a Garage Play...

I have not been feeling so hot today...

Seems I have picked up
Little Wild Man's gastrointestinal issues...
This is a picture of me in my PJ's to prove it...

(Oh, you thought you'd get to see a "complete"
pic of me in all of my sickness glory?
That, my friend, would only lead
YOU to feeling sick...)

So, the kiddos have been fending for their own entertainment today...

What better way for them to celebrate the sunshine than
by putting on a play in the garage
and dragging their sick mother out
to watch its debut?

The cast of characters included:
Little Wild Man
Spider Boy, the Grandfather
Baby Girl
Cheerleader, the grandchild
Jungle Girl
Grandma Miller
Our Neighborhood Goofy Girl
The Brattiest Daughter

From what I could make of this "riveting" plot,
Grandma Miller was calling in her family to watch
Kentucky play basketball...

(which I did not understand,
since we are BIG Tennessee fans...)
During the game, however,
the Brattiest Daughter acted like,
a brat.

Grandma recorded the whole irreverent display
on her camera phone,
and sent it to the Internet for the world to see
how horrible of a child she has.

Oh, and at some point Spider boy
had lizards on his head
which frightened Brattiest Daughter...

Such creative thespians
I am raising...


  1. Bravo! Bravo! Bellisimo!
    And, by the by, we have the same Spiderman costume.

  2. the brattiest daughter needs to touch up her roots. otherwise, *standing ovation*.

  3. Ticia:

    All of the "cool" households are required to have super hero costumes of some sort...


    I believe she was on the phone making a hair appointment during the play...

  4. I think I just snorted I was laughing so hard! Hope you are feeling better!

  5. No way, not well again - surely this is the last of it for you. You have done your dash now when it comes to being unwell.

    Your children's play sounds hysterical.

    That is great that Jungle Girl won the Easter colouring competition. i love her vibrant colours she chose, no wonder the judges selected her entry.

    What a special friend you have to come and surprise you like that. She is also lucky to have you in her life. My best friend lives about eight hours away. We chat on the phone every single week, but boy do I miss seeing her.