Science Sunday: Discover the Deciduous Forest

In our science lessons this week,
we discussed
Temperate Forests.

The Evergreen, Deciduous, and Mountain forests
are all types of Temperate Forests.

Here in the valley area of East Tennessee,
we are surrounded by Temperate Forests.

So, after reading a book about hiking,
we naturally had to go explore some of our deciduous forests!
As we were exploring,
Jungle Girl was on the lookout for pictures to enter in
the American Girl
"Lanie's Backyard Photo Contest."
She had to find the above items...

So, armed with my camera,
(and jackets with hoods since it was raining)
we headed out to
Ijams Nature Center
to hike a trail!

Even before we got on the trail,
we found signs of Spring...

While on the trail, we found lots of neat things...

The pictures Jungle Girl took for her contest entry
are as follows:
Seed or pinecone
Bud on a tree branch
(well, it actually is some kind of plant,
but it was the only thing starting to bloom)
Something that looks like a letter of the alphabet

(This inspired our own ABC book,
which you can read about here.)
Tree with no leaves

Now, hike on over to
Science Sunday
to explore more fun ideas with science!

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  1. That is FANTASTICALLY cool! I love nature walks, and great job linking it to information about forests.