Science Sunday: Food Chain Fun

During Science this week,
we discussed Food Chains and Food Webs.

To introduce this concept to the kiddos, I read...
...this book.

(I love Jan Pienkowski's books!
They are pop-ups with a sense of humor I deeply appreciate...)
In the book, each creature eats the one before it,
just like consumers, consumers, and decomposes in a food chain.
We then cracked open our
Usborne Living World Encyclopedia...
...and read more about food chains and food webs.
Then, we created our own food chains/web...
I created cards with pictures of
producers, consumers, and decomposes on them...
The kiddos and I created food chains
(like the leaf-rabbit-fox)
and linked them together with string,
and then linked the chains together to make a food web.
(Aren't we grateful for the world's best garbage men?)
Learning how God's World works is fun!

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  1. I think I love your blog! I'll be back for more great ideas for homeschooling.