"K" is for "K"iss

Today, while working with Baby Girl on the letter "K",
I read her this book:
"Mommy's Best Kisses"
Margaret Anastas
It's a sweet story about how
different mothers in the animal kingdom
(including humans)
kiss their babies.

Guess what one of our Letter Art pieces
is about?

That's right-

I pulled out some BRIGHT red lipstick...
(which I only have worn for stage and costume make up)
And all us girls donned the shade of scarlet...

We then kissed the "K"...
...and the Letter Art was complete!

Jungle Girl really got into the red lip prints
and found other places to display them...

Her sister's face...
...and her stuffed puppy!

(I think I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on that girl when she hits her tween years...)


  1. Very cute! BTW, I love your wall colors! Can you please tell me the nams of the colors? Thanks!

  2. OK, my wall colors...

    It's been a while, bu the "neutral" color is cappuccino (I think), and I can't remember the red one...perhaps I can "dig it up" from some where and email ya later!

  3. You know in theory I'm supposed to be getting updates when you post a blog, but for some reason it's not showing up for me in bloglines. Growl, and you've had all of these cute ideas I wanted to comment on. Like this one, I bet they loved putting on the lipstick and kissing the paper.

  4. this is just too cute! gave you an award on my blog today. :)