Snowman Spelling

I find as my kiddos get older,
making their assignments hands-on can at times
be a challenge.

I also notice that my eldest child (who's a 2nd grader) feels a tad left out
when I'm working with her younger siblings
on their different preschool/Kindergarten type activities.

So, since we have been using snow as our theme,
I found a way to make Jungle Girl's spelling practice
a bit more "fun" this past week.

Normally, Jungle Girl practices her spelling words like this:

Monday: Copy spelling words onto index cards
Tuesday: Practices some type of Language Arts skill with the words
Wednesday: Go over words and has a pretest
Thursday: Copies any words she missed on the pretest 10 each
Friday: Final test on missed words

(No spelling on Thursday and Friday if no words are missed on Wednesday)

When I found the cutest snowman file folder game here on File Folder Fun,
I knew I could use the snowman template to spice up Jungle Girl's spelling this week.
On Monday, I had her copy her spelling words
onto the top half of the snowmen.
Her language arts activity on Tuesday involved
adding suffixes to her spelling words.

I wrote the suffixes on the bottom halves of the snowmen and she moved
each spelling word snowman from ending to ending.

When she formed a word, she would write it down on her notebook paper.
(Please note that the first two words on her paper
are incorrect- we discussed that later...)
I must say, this was a great way to
"wildly" work
on spelling skills!

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