Laundry Style Learning

OK, I freely admit it- I HATE DOING THE LAUNDRY.

Therefore, my #1 New Year's Goal (NOT resolution, because those are too easily broken) is:

"A Load a Day Keeps the Chaos Away"
(Gotta love the FlyLady!)

I had to have some FUN with this, however, to get me motivated...

It's actually kind of funny to me how the #1 enemy of my household turned into a teachable moment...

Laundry is a GREAT tool for learning:

*Sort it by color

*Practice measurement skills when pouring out the laundry detergent

*Form numbers (or letters) with it
(Oh, and don't forget to PLAY in it!)Wishing you and yours a lovely, laundered New Year!


  1. I feel so inspired now. I think I'm going to write "2010" with puppy poo on my blog. We have just as much of it.

  2. i think im gonna give my 6 yr old a new chore lol the least she can do is sort the colors bc lord knows she won't even turn her clothes right side in!!

  3. This is an awesome way to depict a wonderful blessing of clothes! Thanks! I got a good laugh and felt right at home in your house.