Wheeler Dealer

With Christmas just around the corner, I am finally in process of completing the shopping to fulfill all of the go0d little boys and girls' wishes.

Now, I would LOVE to buy my kids all that their little hearts desire, but that is not financially, nor spiritually, possible for our family. So, I have been looking for deals, and came across a couple in unusual places....

First, I went to Target last weekend to grab some Starbucks coffee for my husband (my man has turned into a major coffee snob, and Starbucks seems to be the only brand for him as of late) and I just HAD to check out their clearance section.

Well, low and behold, if they didn't still have Halloween stuff on sale! I was especially tickled to see that the costumes were 90% off, so I began digging through their selection. GUESS WHAT I FOUND? A batman costume (complete with a mask, belt, AND muscles) for only $2 and change! Score! (Guess what Little Wild Man will be getting for either his birthday- which is also in December- or Christmas!)

Second, my kids have recently all fallen in love with Legos, and I find these to be a great toy for kids. They inspire creativity and engineering skills, but that inspiration doesn't come at a cheep price! Have you seen the price tag on the Lego kits? Also, I would rather the kids to build whatever they want, and not feel locked into the design of a kit.

Now, a bunch of random Lego parts are not easy to come by- if they ever make their way to a consignment sale or shop, you can bet they are snatched up quickly. Therefore, I needed to brainstorm. I remembered that my home school group's list serve lets people acquire about all kinds of topics, from curriculum to the latest flu treatments, so I put out a post:

Nice girl seeks lots 'o Legos

GUESS WHAT? A dear mother heard my cries and I will soon be in possession of two boxes of lego parts for $20.

Rock and roll baby! May the "Wheeler Dealer" be with all of you this holiday season!

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