In Love With Letters- Intro

I love children's literature, so when it came time to teach my Kindergartener how to read, I wanted to use as many books as possible. I want her (and her little preschool brother) to LOVE books and have fun with them, so reading will not be a chore, but a JOY.

So, through my "research," I came up with a a variety of strategies to bring out the FUN in books:

Lap Time with Mommy

When I felt like Baby Girl was ready to start phonics, I wanted her to want to do phonics lessons (which I HATED doing as a child). So, when it's time to go over new phonics sounds, she and I cuddle up together in a big comfy chair and go over the lessons. Spending one-on-one time with Mommy sure seems to motivate and encourage her. We are using an older primer called "Word Mastery: A Course in Phonics for the First Three Grades" by Florence Akin. I got it as a free download somewhere and I love its timely pictures and simple structured lessons.

"I Can Read It Mommy!" Sight Word Booklets

Hubbard's Cupboard, one of my ALL TIME favorite websites, has created a set of free printable booklets that use sight words. They are so simple and repetitive that a child can learn to "read" them after one sitting. I knew I had "hit the mark" when Baby Girl said to me after going through the first booklet,"I can READ it Mommy!"

Letter Art

Hands on activities seems to always get kids excited about learning. When I found the book "Curious George Learns the Alphabet" by H. A. Rey, I KNEW I had to use it! Most weeks we focus on a new letter, (along with our phonics and sight words), and so on those weeks we create Letter Art. Our picture ideas come from "Curious George Learns the Alphabet" by H. A. Rey, No Time for Flashcards, or our own beautiful brains! (I will be posting examples of our Letter Art in future articles...)

*You can go to Hubbard's Cupboard to get all the letter outlines you need to create these masterpieces!

Read, Read, and Read Some More!!!

Finally, I read to my kiddos about anything and everything! (AND, they see ME reading for pleasure from time to time...)

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