Breathe In, Breathe Out... (Respiratory System Activities)

After studying the
and the
we continued our journey through the human body
by heading to the
Respiratory System.

We began by viewing...
...the "Once Upon a Time..."
videos about breathing.
(I love the visual notes Baby Girl created
while we watched the videos!)


On another day during our study about
the Respiratory System,
we completed the
activity found in our
AIMS Science Book.

We created a model of the lungs
using a few simple materials
from around the house...
*2 liter bottle
(cleaned out and label removed)
*Duct tape
*2 balloons
*2 bendable straws
*Modeling clay
1.  Take the straws and bend the ends of them
at an angle.
2.  Stretch out the balloons.
3.  Attach the balloons to the ends of the straws
with duct tape.
4.  Place the straws back to back
to form a "Y" shape.
5.  Tape the straws together.
6.  Place a good sized ball of clay towards the
straight ends of the straws,
leaving the the holes open.
7.  Carefully place the straws into the bottle
and secure the clay around the opening of the bottle.

Then give the model a test drive...
We tried our model out a couple of different ways.
First the kiddos blew into the straws...
...and then they squeezed the outside of the bottle.



we recreated a visual image of the lungs
following the instructions and printables from

What a breath of fresh air these activities were!



Up next in our Human Body study-
the Digestive System...


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  1. Now see, why couldn't you have posted this while we were working on the respiratory system? My attempts at building a model lung were spectacularly non-functional.