PDO Peeps Bulletin Board

For our Spring
Parents Day Out Bulletin Board
at church this year
I was inspired by
a pack of foam chicks/birds
I picked up at
Target's Dollar Spot...

 I traced the hands of all the preschoolers
on different brown patterned scrapbook paper
and cut them out... form nests for all of the little birdies.

The birds were just plain yellow foam,
so I added different colored
scrapbook paper wings to them
to give the board some more visual interest.
I used crumpled up brown construction paper strips
to create tree limbs for most of the nests
to rest on.
Using scraps for leaves from the green corrugated paper border
gave the board some more dimension.
The paper letters for the board 
were constructed from the same paper I used
for the bird wings.
All in all,
this was a simple board to pull together,
but it will definitely bring the feel of Spring
in the church hallway!

Peep!  Peep!

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