Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter (Circulatory System Activities)

After learning about
The Nervous System,
we got down... the heart of the matter
in our human body study
by examining the Circulatory System.

Using the
book as our guide,
here are the activities we completed...


I introduced the Circulatory System to the kiddos... watching THIS, THIS, and THIS
on You Tube.


Besides the printables from
I found...
...THIS worksheet for the kiddos to color... they learned about
human heart anatomy.


When we studied the how and why 
blood circulates throughout the body...
...I found THIS game for the kiddos
to play.
it was a bit long for my kiddos to play,
so we cut it short.

But it DID teach them about blood circulation.


One of the activities the kiddos completed from
...had the kiddos make a simplified model
of the circulatory system.
Using different thicknesses and colors of yarn...
...the kiddos tied pieces together to model
how arteries, capillaries, and veins
connect to one another.

We added our own spin on this activity... adding a small heart shaped bead
in between the arterial yarn and venial yarn. 
The kiddos held their yarn
next to their bodies 
to demonstrate how the blood circulates
throughout the body.
The finished product
also made a cute mini scarflette
they could wear as a reminder!


We studied human blood... making a model using
beads and jello.
We followed the directions from create our model

There was also a printable the kiddos used to
record their finding.


One of the final activities we did examined what
blood pressure is.

...marshmallows and toothpicks
to detect how many beats per minute
a person's heart beats.
Gotta be honest-
this activity did not work too well for us.

We did see the toothpick move a bit on our wrists,
but not enough to get a good count in for a minute.

The kiddos still got the idea,
and this packet included a fun fact sheet about
animal heart beats per minutes
which we enjoyed reading about.


All in all,
I think we were able to get down to the heart of,
the heart!


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  1. Why yes we are studying the heart next, and yes this was perfect timing. I'll just steal everything you did for my science next week.

  2. What a great study. I am pinning this for use this summer. Thank you for showing all your links. You do the best studies!