Despicable Me 2 Week: Minion Puppets and Play

You can't have a 
Despicable Me 2 week of fun without honoring...
...the original little yellow "men."

we had a few activities  
that I hope showed the Minions some love...


First up,
we used the fingers from some
yellow rubber gloves
and permanent markers... craft up... Minion Finger Puppets.
They are so very fun...


Another afternoon,
the kiddos and I played...
...Pin the Eyes (or Eye) on the Minion.

Using poster board and markers,
I drew a Minion body
for the kiddos to put
THESE laminated goggle eyes on...
...while MOST of them were blindfolded, of course!

It's always good to have a good helper
during clean up...


and perhaps most importantly,
I put together...
...a Despicable Me Explorer Box.

This has been our most played with box

I think it is because of the...
...colored rice.

(I used THIS tutorial to color the rice.)

Along with the rice,

I also cut out and laminated
the back of the box the figures came in
and included it the box,
so we would know all the minions names.
In another box,
I put several spoons, bowls, sifters, etc.
to use with the rice.

Let me just caution you:
If you are a Mommy who can't take a mess,
don't make rice for your kiddos to play with.

It doesn't bother me-
in fact,
since the kiddos played with the box almost daily...
...I have vacuumed/swept almost daily.

This is the cleanest my floors have been in a LONG time!  ;0)


I have a couple more items 
from Despicable Me 2 Week
to share with y'all,
so make sure to come back tomorrow!


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  1. Now you just need a purple glove to stick inside, and you'd have a super easy reversible minion!

  2. I love the minion puppets, that is so incredibly cool!