Jello Animal Cell

We are greatly enjoying our...
...Christian Kids Explore Biology
this year.

(I wrote a review about it HERE
if you are interested in knowing more about this


We talked about animal cells and plant cells
this past week-just the basics-
and then made an edible animal cell model.

We began our model making process
with a little planning... looking at diagrams of animal cells.
We then made a list of the parts in a cell
and tentatively decided what candies
could represent the different parts.


When we went to the store,
we decided some of our original candies
needed to be changed...
Here are our final purchases:
Bowel: Cell Membrane
Jello: Cytoplasm
Half an Sandwich Cookie
(the side with the cream filling):
Nuclear Membrane
Gobstopper: Nucleus
Lifesaver: Centriole
M & M's: Lysosome
Twizzler Bites: Mitochondria
Gummy Worms: Endoplasmic Reticulum
Banana Runts: Golgi Apparatus
Rips Bite-Size Licorice Pieces: Ribosomes


After letting half of our Jello mix
soft-set in the fridge...
...we were ready to insert the other 
parts in to make our model.

After the model's parts were all in place,
we poured the left over liquid jello
on top of them and set the model
back into the fridge to harden.

we all also had a chance... sample some ribosomes
and the like!


After the model was set...
...the kiddos all wanted to poke
at it a bit-
I mean,
wouldn't YOU want to poke this
monstrosity too?  ;0)

While poking the "cytoplasm"...
...the cell sprung a leak!

I dared the kiddos to taste the animal cell,
and only Little Wild Man...
...took me up on my offer.

He said the "cytoplasm" (aka Jello) tasted fine,
and the "endoplasmic reticulum" (aka gummy worms),
but one bite of a Lysosome (aka M &M's)
and Little Wild Man was DONE.
Now that is taking a bite
out of Biology... ;0)


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  1. I'm trying to decide if my kiddos would eat that or not........ So hard to decide.

    Either way it looks fun and would be a great way to study cells.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  2. hi nice job you guys hope you guys learned alot from this

  3. Nice job! That looks like fun!

  4. My kid is doing something like this for a school project ( 6th grade ). You gave her some wonderful ideas! Thanks!

  5. What is that white fluffy stuff in your picture?

  6. How much jello was used? In other words, how many boxes of hello should I buy?

  7. Thanks so much!!! I have a project and this helped alot