'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...

I am writing this post
the night before Thanksgiving,
but we also read...

...the book this week.

It's adorable!  

A class of kiddos goes on a field trip to a
Turkey Farm,
and they liberate the turkeys by
sneaking them out underneath their shirts.

To go along with the story,
we had to make some our own turkeys.
I gave each of the kiddos one of these
$1 Turkey Flower Pot Kits.

You have to use your own glue to put the 
pieces together,
and after a few minutes of sticky
Jungle Girl suggested that we just
make the turkeys however we wanted.

(GREAT suggestion, Jungle Girl!)
 I don't know why I get so 
"wrapped up" in making sure we
do our crafts 
EXACTLY like the model...
"Free Expression"
sure makes my kiddos happier...
 (and ME too!)
Now we have three new little gobblers
waiting to greet our guests
when they enter our home...



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stories by heading on over to

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