TOS Crew Review: The Reading Game

 is a fun game
which really teaches your kiddos to read.
 With mini- Memory games that use
basic sight words,
kiddos can learn to read a total of
six different stories 
by the end of the entire game.

(You can see a demonstration of how to play the game
by clicking HERE.)


Now, I have two kiddos
who have been benefiting greatly
from playing this game...
Baby Girl,
who is on a 1st grade level,
has been flying through the first set of games-
 She is SO READY to read
"The Skunk Story!"
My Little Wild Man,
who is Kindergarten level,
is almost ready to move up in the card games.
Even though he isn't progressing
nearly as quickly as his sister,
he doesn't seem to care...
(Which is good for my slightly competitive son!)

In fact,
they both ask me,
"When can we play the game?"


This game has proven to be
a great addition to our reading time-
I highly recommend it for any child
who is "reading ready"

Preschool-2nd graders will
benefit from it,
but I think this would also be a great way
for older students who are
struggling with reading to learn, too.

is all it costs for this game...

And with responses to the game like...
I highly recommend checking it out!

(Click HERE to learn more about
The Reading Game...)


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Disclaimer: I received this product free
in exchange for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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