Bible Alive!: Joy Treasure Hunt, Part II

a rather severe
(and much NEEDED)
Thunder Storm canceled the girls' swimming lessons,
so it was the PREFECT afternoon to go...
Link...on an indoor Joy Treasure Hunt.

(I talked about this activity just a tad yesterday,
but we didn't get to it,
and I am so glad we waited!)


This treasure hunt is part of our
"Fruit of the Spirit" Summer Lessons,
and it wasn't too hard to put together...

...I created a Treasure Map
using an old brown paper bag.

Then I created the clues,
which are all scriptural reasons we can have
(You can download the scriptural clues
by clicking HERE.)
I gathered up some fun treats with the clues... different paper bags.

After hiding the clues around the house,
the hunt was on!


The kiddos had a fun time...
...reading the map...
...and reading the clues...
...all the while learning...
...about the JOY Christ offers
through the Word.

...we got the joy, joy, joy, joy, joy,
down in our hearts!


(Please know that the
Bible Alive! Tuesday Linkie
is still open,
so feel free to add any fun activities you have
been doing with your kiddos
to make the Bible come Alive!)


  1. Down in my heart to stay....

    What an awesome lesson- a fun way to learn about God's word.


  2. This is great! I am bookmarking this one!

  3. LOVE this idea! Trying to think how I can work it into something.

  4. i love your idea..Creating treasure hunt games is an excellent and affordable way for you to host the party in your own home instead. And each game can keep the children busy for a good hour or so.

  5. Hee hee, I was sent here looking for a craft for our VBS this summer, there are NO crafts I want to try with 10-20 kids outside for that one.