Science Sunday: Sickies See Signs of Spring

Well, we have been very sick here this week..
(you can see by clicking HERE and HERE)

...but we were still able to sneak in some Science,
in spite of ourselves.
First, we were watching an episode of
Wild Kratts,
(you can learn more about the show
by clicking HERE)
learning about why so many worms come up
from underground
on a rainy day.

They come up, not because they are drowning,
(they can breathe under water)
but because they will "dry up" on a sunny day.

Rainy days are overcast,
making them perfect weather for worms
to come up and explore.


We also learned that Robins hit the ground
to create vibrations underground,
which scares the worms above ground.

(The worms think the vibrations are from
moles underground,
so they run to the surface to get away.)


We decided to see if we could see this behavior... we went to the kitchen window
for some observations.

We did catch a couple of Robins...
...hanging out in the backyard,
and we even saw them hitting the ground,
but I don't think they got their worms.


Now, as we watch for Robins,
we started noticing...
...caterpillar nests.


So, we ran upstairs... Little Wild Man's room for a better look.
You know what we noticed?
Baby caterpillars,
getting ready to hatch!



I also wanted to deliver an update
on our up and coming
container garden...
The grass in the kiddos play boxes is sprouting...
...and a couple of the sunflowers are pushing through
the dirt.

Perhaps we can find some earthworms
for our containers to keep our plants


For more fun with Science,
head on over to
Science Sunday...


  1. What wonderful and exciting signs of Spring!! Hope you are all feeling better soon so you can get out and enjoy the warmer weather. :-)

  2. My kiddos LOVE Wild Kratts too! And I really like the container garden idea...

    Thanks for sharing!