Bible Alive! Tuesday: Lazarus, Come Out!

My Kindergarten/1st grade Sunday School Class
...a lot of personality-

I mean...
...A LOT!

So when it was time to tell them about
the story of Lazarus rising from the dead,
(see John 11:1-45)
I knew it was gonna be a crazy-fun Sunday....


The Group FaithWeaver Curriculum I use
called for just a few simple props
(Water, Eyedropper, Tissues, and Toilet Paper)
to help the kiddos
reenact the lesson.
Side Note:
You don't need a lot of fancy props/stuff to make the Bible
FUN for kiddos-
the word of God is pretty amazing in and of itself,
don't ya think?


When we reached the part of the story
when Martha lets Jesus know
that Lazarus is dead,
the tears began to flow in my class...
Using the eyedropper and water,
my helper and I put a few tears
on each of the kiddos' faces...

(Oh yes, I was quite distraught too...)


As the story progressed,
and we learned that Jesus wept when he reached
Lazarus' tomb,
the tissues were passed out... all the little mourners.
OBVIOUSLY some were more distraught...
...than others.


when Jesus stood at the tomb
and said,
"Lazarus, come out!"
and he DID,
we just had to see what that might have been like... wrapping our bodies up...
...with grave clothes.
(aka Toilet Paper)
Sure, to the outside viewer...
...we might have looked like mummies
on a mission...
..."digging for gold"...

But we ALL KNOW one of the treasures
to be received from this story-



Now, if I could just keep the kiddos...
...from eating the toilet paper.


Please link up below any fun ways you made
the Bible come Alive! to your kiddos
this week...