Bible Alive! Tuesday: Forgiving Fingers

Boy, sometimes we all just get...
...ANGRY with others, don't we?

People can be mean to us for reasons
beyond our understanding,
making us want to get even.

And what does our Savior say about this?



Luke 6:27-36
discusses Jesus' teachings on the subject.

To further illustrate Jesus' point to my
K-1st grade Sunday School class,
I read Joy Berry's
Being Mean
to them.


...the kiddos learned a poem
(turned craft)
to keep their tempers at bay
whenever someone is mean to them.

[They look VICIOUS, don't they? :0) ]
As the kiddos and I said this poem...
(you can download it by clicking HERE)
...we counted our fingers,
opening up our hands as we counted
and leaving our fists behind.

...we got to work on our craft.

Earlier, my assistant traced the kiddos' hands
as a read the story to them.
The kiddos cut out their hand-prints...
...and glued them on the poem page... this... reveal a heart
full of forgiveness!


Before I close this post,
I just had to show you a bit of the goofiness
that ensues whenever I pull out my camera
during class...

I am gonna miss these kiddos TERRIBLY
when they move up to the next class!


Please link up how you have made
the Bible come Alive! to your kiddos
this week...


  1. Huh, I could have sworn I'd commented on this ages and ages ago when you first posted it. Well, I'm using it this week (hopefully provided we have time) in our Sunday school class.

  2. This is so nice! Thank you for the idea! I will have to do this with my kiddos :D

  3. Just did a modified version of this with my 2-4 year olds in Children's church. They loved it!

  4. Really liked this craft. I modified it (due to large size & mixed age of class 3-6 yr olds ) By doing paint hand prints when the children first arrived to class (press hands on two large kitchen spongers full of paint) which were set aside to dry while we had lesson/ story. We sang and did actions to the song a few times. Then each child back at their desk was given a felt heart cut out that they decorated with jewel's and sparkle items , which they then stuck in the middle of the hands as per your design, with the words to the song as per your design under it . We also on the very bottom of the page added Luke 6:27-28 with parts of verse 27 highlighted for the children to learn as their memory verse for the week.- Thanks again - children enjoyed this craft very much.