Beautiful Bottle-cap Bugs

Things got "buggy" during my preschool
Monday Fun class,
especially after I read...
...Mystery in Bugtown.
It is one of my FAVORITE
read aloud to kiddos...

I mean, with giant eye-balls and illustrations... these,
who WOULDN'T enjoy the book?

I also slipped in some Science by discussing
what makes an insect an insect:

2 Antennae
3 Body Parts
6 Legs

We discussed which critters in the book
were insects,
and which ones were not.


After book and discussion,
I gave the kiddos a variety of plastic jug caps,
paint pens, craft glue, and googly eyes
so they could make
Bottle-cap Bugs.

Some of the kiddos chose to make add the googly eyes...
...and some did not.

Either way, they created...
...some simple and sweet insects.


I brought back the explorer boxes,
and with them...
...I gave the kiddos a mission.
Inside the boxes were a wide variety of critters...
...some of them being insects,
and some of them were not.
After "digging out" the critters from the
(aka colored macaroni)...

(I used the recipe found
HERE to color the macaroni)
...the kiddos sorted them:

Red Bowls: Not an Insect
Green Bowls: Insect.

We just go "bug"-listic over bugs!

Up Next: Foodie Fun...


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  1. Oooh I have LOADS of bottle tops and I knew I was saving them for something!! And these are it! Perfect for our playgroup too! Thanks for a great idea.

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!!


  2. What a great theme and activities! I'm bookmarking this to try later!

  3. I will have to llok for this book. JDaniel would love the bugs!

    Thanks for sharing this post on Read.Explore.Learn.

  4. This book looks really fun. I love your creepy green pasta with bugs!!!

  5. The library where I used to work had that book. Kind of had forgotten it until now. The floating eyes are pretty cool to play with.

  6. Very cute! I think the author has other books because I recognize the illustrations!

  7. ohhh I love this easy and super cute and i'm going on amazon to look for this book.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Whoop Whoop just got it off ebay for $2.68 ya caqn't wait to read this with my guy & do these great activities!